Manufacturing Excellence

Operational excellence is the key for process manufacturing to unlock value and profitability. Operational excellence helps make our plant more resilient, competitive, and profitable in the long term to improve your bottom line.

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At Arista, everything we do is to improve our customer’s experience. Our Lean manufacturing techniques allows us to pinpoint the steps towards optimising our manufacturing processes.

Our leaders at all levels of the manufacturing processes know the Arista’s company goals and unite to achieve them and our common vision helps to align individual strategies. Recognition, engagement and empowerment are the forces behind achieving Arista’s quality objectives. We believe everyone involved must feel valued.

We understand that all processes are related and the final quality of our products depends on each stage and improvements come via constant communication.

Relationship management is also a key part of Arista’s company culture. We focus on customer and supplier feedback. We understand that good relationships are the foundation of a well-functioning company.

4 Dimensions of LEAN Enterprize

Optimized Flow

•   Value Stream Mapping

•  Continuous Improvement Workshops

•  Pull System

•   Total Productive Maintenance

•   Overall Equipment Effectiveness

•   Change Over Time

•   Visual Factory

Built In Quality

•   Problem Solving

•  Failure Mode & Effective Analysis

•  6 Sigma

•   Control Plan

•   Statistical Controls

•   Error Proofing

Safety Environment

•   Risk Assessment

•  Safety Walkarounds

•  Safety Assessments

•   Safety Training

•   Near Miss Reporting

People Engagement

•   5S

•  Management of Change

•  Standardized Work

•   Standard KPIs & Scorecard

•   Communications Board

•   A3

•   Mentoring & Coaching

•   Qualification Matrix

•   Performance Remuneration