Waterproofing Products

AquaStick Self-Adhered Waterproofing Membranes

AquaStick Self-adhesive waterproofing membranes are formulated with styrene modified elastomers in a uniquely designed 3 stage manufacturing process developed through extensive research & development.

This ensures that our products are stable at elevated temperatures for long period of ageing which is a first of its kind in the region.

Torch-Applied Membranes

Torch-applied membranes are pre-made bituminous rolls applied to surfaces with a blowtorch for waterproofing purposes, valued for their flexibility and ease of use. Membranes are manufactured using a bespoke torch production line.

Protection Boards

Protection boards are more rigid than other offerings, produced by combining bitumen and minerals and reinforced with cellulose fibres. Used to protect the membrane waterproofing solutions. Boards are manufactured using a bespoke bitumen protection board production line.


Primers are a paint-like bituminous solution generally applied to concrete structures. Arista produces both oxidised and non-oxidised primers. Primers are produced with emulsions and sealants at the liquid plant.


Emulsions are liquidised bitumen products generally applied to walls and floors. Arista produces clay, rubberised and latex infused emulsions. Emulsions are manufactured similarly to primers but are generally applied to waterlogged surfaces rather than concrete.


Sealants and adhesives include waterproof glues or self-applicating waterproof tapes.

Oxidised Bitumen

Oxidised bitumen is raw bitumen processed and converted to increase rigidity. It is primarily used as a sealing and joint filling compound.