Roadworks, Paving & Surfacing


Cutback asphalt is a mixture of asphalt cement and petroleum solvent, temporarily reducing bitumen viscosity to increase penetration. Cutback is used as a binder on the road’s aggregate base. Produced with four 25MT agitated kettles with a production capacity of 1000MT per month.


Emulsions encompass bitumen mixtures with water and various emulsifiers to enforce separation. Emulsions are used as a spray-on solution for both construction and repairs. Arista produces both cationic and ionic emulsions using a colloidal mill with a production capacity of 1500MT per month.

Patching Compounds

Patching compounds are bitumen based cold mix asphalt compounds used to repair potholes.

Road Sealers

Road sealers are liquefied asphalt products used in the last stage of road construction in order to protect the road from wear and tear or damage.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen grade is bitumen altered to change its physical properties in order to be suitable for further processing in other manufacturing units.


Binders are bitumen products used to seal surfaces as a final stage of their construction. Arista produce three variations – elastomer, plastomer and reactive terapolymer. Binders are manufactured using PMB production equipment with a capacity of 20 T per hour.

Crack Sealers

Crack sealers are liquified asphalt products used to repair cracks in sealed surfaces.